4 Tips for battery maintenance

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Part Four [Advantages of VRLA Battery]

(1) Easy to use:

Valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries only need to strictly control the charging voltage of the rectifier. According to the different requirements of floating charge and recycling, the specified voltage is used for constant voltage charging. There is no need for personnel on duty to worry about the battery charging process too much. Distilled water, it is not necessary to check the battery terminal voltage frequently. The specific gravity and temperature of the electrolyte only need to be periodically checked for battery terminal voltage and discharge capacity.

(2) Easy to install:

The valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery has undergone chemical conversion, charging and discharging, and the factory is charged. Therefore, the user does not need to perform the cumbersome initial charging process when installing and using it. If the storage time exceeds six months, it can be carried out according to the manufacturer's regulations. Supplementary power, after fully charged, conduct a capacity test discharge check to determine whether the battery capacity meets the standard requirements and whether the quality is stable and reliable.

(3) Safe and reliable:

The valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery adopts a sealed structure and can be used vertically or horizontally. There is no acid mist, non-toxic, and no harmful gas overflow. Because the battery adopts a constant pressure charging system, the battery realizes an oxygen cycle process with little water loss Even if a small amount of gas is overcharged occasionally, it can be discharged through the safety valve, and the battery case will not swell or even burst due to excessive pressure.

(4) Save investment:

Valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries do not pollute equipment and the environment, and can be used together with electronic equipment. There is no need for a room dedicated to battery placement and maintenance, and the maintenance workload is greatly reduced. And the battery can be installed in a stacked battery rack. It occupies a small area and saves the investment cost of the power supply system.

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