3 Tips for battery maintenance

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Part Three【Features of Valve Regulated Sealed Battery】

(1) High degree of sealing The electrolytic wave is absorbed in a high-porosity separator like a gel and will not flow easily, so the battery can be placed horizontally.

(2) The grid of valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries adopts antimony-free lead alloy, and the self-discharge coefficient of the battery is very small.

(3) The positive and negative plates of the battery are completely surrounded by the separator, the effective material is not easy to fall off, and the service life is long

(4) The volume of the VRLA battery is small, but the capacity is higher than the old open type battery.

(5) The battery does not need to be supplemented with any liquid during long-term operation, and no acid mist or gas is generated during use, and the maintenance workload is very small.

(6) The internal resistance of the battery is small, and the characteristics of large current discharge are good.

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